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Decouple host, Dr. Chris Keefer (left), interviews Dr. James Hansen (right), "the Godfather of Climate Science."

There are technologies that decouple human wellbeing from its ecological impacts. There are politics that enable these technologies.


Join us as we interview world experts to uncover hope in this time of planetary crisis.

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with Jesse Freeston

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See what others are saying

“Decouple has managed the rare achievement of uniting under one roof previously scattered knowledge and perspectives about pathways to a better future."

— Myrto Tripathi, Voices of Nuclear

“Decouple is essential in my journey to learn and educate about nuclear power.”

—  Isabelle Boemeke, Isodope

“Decouple has unfiltered content that the world needs, whether you’re looking to delve into the gritty details of energy, learn something new, or simply be inspired by the work scientists and engineers do.”

— Princy Mthombeni, Africa4Nuclear

“Decouple is an invaluable contribution to… efforts to center technology and modernization as environmental solutions.”

— Ted Nordhaus, The Breakthrough Institute

"Decouple is a well-produced podcast with a terrific host."

— Rod Adams, Atomic Insights

“Dr. Keefer asks serious, well-researched questions. I learn a lot through Decouple podcasts.”

— Meredith Angwin, “Shorting the Grid”

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