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The team

Dr. Chris Keefer

Dr. Keefer is an emergency physician, medical instructor, activist, and the host of Decouple. He lives in Ontario.

Jesse Freeston

Jesse Freeston is a documentary filmmaker, video journalist, and the lead creator for Decouple Studios. He lives in Quebec.

Dylan Moon

Dylan Moon is an energy policy advocate and the executive producer for Decouple. He lives on the US east coast.

Angelica Oung

Angelica Oung is an energy journalist and writer for Decouple. She lives in Taiwan.

Hargo Khalsa

Hargo Khalsa is educated in film and does post-production for Decouple. He lives in the US southwest.

Brahm Neufeld

Brahm Neufeld is a process controls engineer who leads Decouple Reads, a book club for Patreon subscribers. He lives in Saskatchewan.

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